AL-Motamyez® ERP Suite

AL-Motamyez® is our scalable, integrated and complete ERP suite that is developed to encompass the entire set of integrated system modules needed to manage and control any specific group of processes within the organization.

From our long hands-on experience in the market with organizations of various scales and industries, we understand our clients’ needs to continuously optimize performance, minimize costs, maximize revenues and reduce the possibilities of human error, especially in critical organizational operations such as accounting and finance, warehouse management, human resources and more. 

Fully Customizable Solutions

AL-Motamyez® is ADVAC’s own solution to address the ever-rising challenges of process automation and digital transformation within organizations across different sectors, providing an integrated bundle of high-end modules that achieve both the high-level top management objectives, as well as the day-to-day operations performance goals. 

AL-Motamyez® is also available as specialized editions that are bundled and customized to manage and control business-specific operations of special business types. These special editions include, but are not limited to:

  • Hospitals & medical centers
  • Charity & NGOs
  • Cleaning & sanitation
  • Games & entertainment
  • Restaurants
  • Stock & portfolio management
  • Poultry
  • Logistics & shipping
  • School management
  • Construction & real estate
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Education
  • Law firms
  • Points of sale
  • Steel manufacturing
  • Aluminum manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Food & beverages

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