The Human Resources module consists of the following sub-modules:

Human Resources

Basic Features

  • Ability to store a lot of essential Human Resources data such as: experience, marital status, training, vacations, photo, work experince, etc..
  • Ability to defein any new custom attributes of fields
  • Ability to put a total view of the hiring qualifications and evaluate candidates on them
  • Ability to define the criteria for different human resources operations like promotions, upgrades, etc..

Personnel Transactions

  • Complete flexibility in defining types and effects of personnel movements and motions such as: vacations, leaves, absence, etc..
  • Ability to receive the time attendance data from manual attendance register with the possibility to register time of signing in or out automatically using : bar code, magnetic card, proximity, fingerprint readers
  • Posting human resources or personnel motions to salary accounting


  • There is complete flexibility in extracting personnel reports at any level (department/ administration...etc)
  • The layout and format of the report is flexible and could be customized by the user
  • Historical reports to provide statistics about the employess
  • Following up the due or taken or balance of leaves and vacations
  • Analytic reports and variety of summaries for the attendance register book
  • EmployeeDataHR
  • company_and_branches
  • mainScreen


Basic Features

  • Facilitating complete flexibility in defining due and deductions in all the common ways, either in fixed values or rates or equations consisting of unlimited number of salary items.
  • Ability to define the fiscal classification of the employees and the items of each classification.
  • The basic employees' data register includes place of work, job, fiscal classification , cost center, etc...
  • Ability to define specific dues and deductions for each employee
  • Creating rules and gradation of payroll accounting
  • Dealing with daily, weekly and semi-monthly wages
  • Dealing with installments or imprests with different parties
  • Dealing with insurance and taxation annual adjustments automatically
  • Unlimited historical registers for the employees' monthly expenses facilitates extracting of previous operations at any period.

Payroll Transactions

  • Flexibility in defining types, particulars and effects of the motion
  • Registering the motion and posting it to payroll accounting

Reports and Payslips

  • Flexibility in defining any number of cash lists and defining the format, the layout and the content and extracting them in accordance
  • This enables extracting cash ribbon or any withholdings or grouped payroll lists in any way.
  • They can also be extracted on templates in the printing house.
  • There are analytic reports for the total sum of salaries at the level of departments, administrations, cost centers and working places and posting all of this to the general accounting system
  • List of the installments, classified according to the different parties.
  • Main
  • salaryCategories
  • salaryItems

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